How to be taught Lindy Hop

I know, this is a weird title write? How to be taught something…

championNormally, being taught something is like a passive role. People teach you and you just take it in. Or is it?

Seriously, I’ve been having a hard time, learning new stuff. I’ve had group lessons and private lessons, with a certain number of teachers, which are all awesome in some way.

Problem for me, is that I got a certain direction in group practice. I then felt good and confident about it all, even got positive feedback from other dancers. I was feeling great, and had specific elements of my dance complimented.

Private lesson #1
I am told a number of awesome things. I am excited, and I do get further feedback as to how some stuff was really good. (Some stuff sucked, but I’m being positive here, ok?)
Lesson ends, I am elated.

Private lesson #2 different teacher
I am told a number of stuff. Alot contradicting lesson #1. Even saying what I got compliments on, wasn’t really that good.
Lesson ends, I’m just telling myself I might of had a bad day, maybe I was just not feeling it.

Private lesson #3 another different teacher
This time, I got praise on stuff I was told in lesson #1 wasn’t that good. Comments from lesson #2 weren’t really applicable. So now… I’m just messed up.
End of lesson #3 : WHAT THE F***!?


Why you make no sense Lindy Hop

I was so confused. I don’t know if this has happened to you. Believe it or not, maybe I am masochist, I continued on with group and private lessons. The deeper and more advanced classes I got. The more contradictary some comments were. I didn’t know who to believe, what to apply and how to apply it.

So here’s how I became sane again: I just chose.  I looked at these teachers. I looked at how they dance, and basically looked at myself dance too. I justified to myself that, the better you get, the more opinionated you are about certain elements.

So I chose. I chose who I wanted to listen and stuck and will stick with that for the moment… You know since I still am not that awesome yet, and I don’t really have an opinion of my own on everything yet. Much less on what’s considered right.

And what is considered right… well… I think it’s just an opinion. Lindy can be right in so many ways. Even wrong Lindy, can be right if applied right. (that’s a weird sentence)

Lindy Hop Choos you

Lindy Hop is about choosing

So how do you learn Lindy Hop? Choose!