Lindy Hop – So you f*cked up?!

ImageAll right, so you messed up during a competition. During a jam. Maybe during social dancing? Well… I hate to break this to you, but no one cares! No wait. You care. Maybe your partner. Seriously though, it happens. It happens to the best of us and of course the less best of us.

But I mean seriously, I’ve walked for a total of over 25 years now. I have a reasonnable experience in walking. I’ve been using it to get from point A to point B for quite a while now. I actually have done it while sleeping. Guess what, I’ve also fell flat on my face just doing that. Flat on my face kind of like this:

Don’t know if you noticed, but she just gets right up (awesomely) and continues on. Real trooper. And if she went on about it after, she’s the only one fueling the fire once its done with. If you screw up, people will forget. It’s done with. Forget about it!

Here are some more frig ups to help you understand, even awesome dancers mess up!

Kind of crazy how Sarah hurt herself and just left, others filled the gap. Nice adaptation skill!

I only noticed this next one because I watched it 100 times. Complete left on the aerial.

You could be creative like William and Maeva. Love their smiles after.

Here’s a nice compilation of f*ck ups.

Get over it! You messed up. Alot of people do… The awesome ones get up awesomely… because of awesomeness… and that is AWESOME!


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